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05. of May 2011

Huge victory for freedom of speech in America

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has suffered a stinging defeat in a lawsuit in Washington DC, where their tyrannical censorship of serious health claims have been found unconstitutional.

By: Vitality Council

26. of January 2010

Vitamin D protects against colon cancer

A huge European study now confirms that vitamin D may lower the risk of colon cancer by 40%.

By: Vitality Council

12. of January 2010

Latest news on selenium

Intensive research is going on in utilization of selenium against cancer.
The public in Denmark do not hear much of it, but here is a selection of recent news.

By: Vitality Council

14. of October 2009

Fish oil reduces age-related blindness

New U.S. study shows that intake of fish oil may reduce the incidence of age-related blindness by 30%

By: Vitality Council

15. of June 2009

Fat is beneficial for the eyes

Two new studies suggest that the most common cause of functional blindness is preventable with healthy fatty acids.

By: Vitality Council

26. of January 2009

Selenium still helps preventing cancer

A huge U.S. study showed that supplementation of selenium do not prevent cancer of the prostate. But this result is only valid if you get plenty of selenium in advance.

By: Vitality Council

28. of January 2008

Vitamin D against atherosclerosis

Vitamin D counteracts the development of atherosclerosis and prevents fatal complications of high blood pressure – but vitamin D deficiency is very widespread.

By: Vitality Council

22. of December 2007

Promising treatment for macular degeneration

New orthomolecular treatment named as the “first choice” for AMD, otherwise known macula degeneration.

By: Vitality Council

18. of September 2007

Vitamin C inhibits cancer. But How?

New research sparks new theories about how vitamin C inhibits cancerous growth.

By: Vitality Council

26. of June 2007

Vitamin D inhibits cancer

An overlooked but very sensational study suggests that vitamin D could inhibit almost 80% of all cancer cases. We just need much more than we normally get (1).

By: Vitality Council

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